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autoload -Uz compinit
# Path to your oh-my-zsh installation.
export ZSH=$HOME/.oh-my-zsh
# Set name of the theme to load.
# Look in ~/.oh-my-zsh/themes/
# Optionally, if you set this to "random", it'll load a random theme each
# time that oh-my-zsh is loaded.
# Uncomment the following line to use case-sensitive completion.
# Uncomment the following line to use hyphen-insensitive completion. Case
# sensitive completion must be off. _ and - will be interchangeable.
# Uncomment the following line to disable bi-weekly auto-update checks.
# Uncomment the following line to change how often to auto-update (in days).
# export UPDATE_ZSH_DAYS=13
# Uncomment the following line to disable colors in ls.
# Uncomment the following line to disable auto-setting terminal title.
# Uncomment the following line to enable command auto-correction.
# Uncomment the following line to display red dots whilst waiting for completion.
# Uncomment the following line if you want to disable marking untracked files
# under VCS as dirty. This makes repository status check for large repositories
# much, much faster.
# Uncomment the following line if you want to change the command execution time
# stamp shown in the history command output.
# The optional three formats: "mm/dd/yyyy"|""|"yyyy-mm-dd"
# Would you like to use another custom folder than $ZSH/custom?
# ZSH_CUSTOM=/path/to/new-custom-folder
# Which plugins would you like to load? (plugins can be found in ~/.oh-my-zsh/plugins/*)
# Custom plugins may be added to ~/.oh-my-zsh/custom/plugins/
# Example format: plugins=(rails git textmate ruby lighthouse)
# Add wisely, as too many plugins slow down shell startup.
plugins=(composer docker docker-compose history screen wp-cli)
source $ZSH/
[[ -f $HOME/.zshrc_priv ]] && source $HOME/.zshrc_priv
[[ -f $HOME/.zshrc_host ]] && source $HOME/.zshrc_host
export HISTSIZE=1000000
export SAVEHIST=1000000
export PATH="$HOME/Dropbox/home/bin:./node_modules/.bin:$HOME/.composer/vendor/bin:/opt/bin:/usr/local/bin:$PATH"
export EDITOR=vim
export PAGER=less
export BROWSER=/usr/bin/chromium
# export VDPAU_DRIVER=nvidia
# export LIBVA_DRIVER_NAME=vdpau
setopt INC_APPEND_HISTORY # Write to the history file immediately, not when the shell exits.
setopt SHARE_HISTORY # Share history between all sessions.
setopt HIST_EXPIRE_DUPS_FIRST # Expire duplicate entries first when trimming history.
setopt HIST_IGNORE_DUPS # Don't record an entry that was just recorded again.
setopt HIST_IGNORE_ALL_DUPS # Delete old recorded entry if new entry is a duplicate.
setopt HIST_FIND_NO_DUPS # Do not display a line previously found.
setopt HIST_IGNORE_SPACE # Don't record an entry starting with a space.
setopt HIST_SAVE_NO_DUPS # Don't write duplicate entries in the history file.
setopt HIST_REDUCE_BLANKS # Remove superfluous blanks before recording entry.
setopt HIST_VERIFY # Don't execute immediately upon history expansion.
PROMPT='%(!.%{$fg_bold[red]%}.%{$fg_bold[green]%}%n@)%m %{$fg_bold[cyan]%}%(!.%1~.%~) $(git_prompt_info)%_$(prompt_char)%{$reset_color%} '
# Set personal aliases, overriding those provided by oh-my-zsh libs,
# plugins, and themes. Aliases can be placed here, though oh-my-zsh
# users are encouraged to define aliases within the ZSH_CUSTOM folder.
# For a full list of active aliases, run `alias`.
alias D='cd ~/Downloads'
alias Dr='cd ~/Dropbox'
alias H='cd /srv/http'
alias N='cd /srv/nodejs'
# configs
alias eA='vi ~/.config/awesome/rc.lua'
alias eB='vi ~/.bashrc'
alias rB='source ~/.bashrc; echo "[ done ] source ~/.bashrc"'
alias eZ='vi ~/.zshrc'
alias eH='vi ~/.zsh_history'
alias rZ='source ~/.zshrc; echo "[ done ] source ~/.zshrc"'
alias eV='vi ~/.vimrc'
alias eG='vi ~/.gitconfig'
# commands
alias k='exit'
alias h='history'
alias bc='bc -q'
alias la='ls -Fa'
alias ll='ls -Fhl'
alias cp='cp -rv'
alias mv='mv -v'
alias rm='rm -iv'
alias fd='find . -type d -name'
alias ff='find . -type f -name'
alias sx='startx'
alias yt='youtube-viewer'
alias yd='youtube-dl --recode-video mp4'
alias scp='scp -r'
alias lla='ls -Fhla'
alias lsize='ls -FShla'
alias mkdir='mkdir -p'
alias pidstat='pidstat -dlu'
alias vi='vim'
alias pgrep='pgrep -a'
alias myip='dig +short'
alias httpwritable='sudo chown -R http:http .; sudo chmod -R g+rw .'
alias _wwwwritable='sudo chown -R _www:_www .; sudo chmod -R g+rw .'
alias grep='grep --colour=auto --exclude-dir={.git,.svn,CVS} --exclude=tags'
alias nethogs='sudo nethogs eno1'
alias xlock='xlock -mode blank'
alias pythonserve='python3 -m http.server'
alias phpserve='php -S localhost:8080 -t .'
alias p='ping'
alias pr='ping router'
alias pw='ping'
alias phpunit='phpunit --colors=always'
# alias composer="php -d memory_limit=-1 $(which -p composer)"
alias cdu='composer dumpautoload -o'
alias mc='TERM=xterm-256color mc'
alias sc='screen'
alias scdr='screen -d -r'
alias eth='sudo netctl stop-all && sudo netctl start eth0-dhcp'
alias sss='systemctl status'
alias hosts='cat /etc/hosts'
# SVN aliases
alias svn_edit_log='svn propedit svn:log --revprop -r '
alias svn_ignore_dir='svn propedit svn:ignore '
alias svn_diff_prev='svn diff -r COMMITTED:PREV '
alias svn_cleanup='svn status --no-ignore | grep '^\?' | sed 's/^\? //' | xargs rm -rf'
# Docker aliases
alias d='docker'
alias dcor='docker-compose down && docker-compose up'
alias ds='./docker/'
alias dps='docker ps -a'
alias di='docker inspect'
alias dit='docker exec -i -t'
# GIT aliases
alias ga='git add'
alias gb='git branch'
alias gs='git status'
alias gst='git stash'
alias gstl='git stash list'
alias gd='git diff'
alias gp='git pull'
alias gpp='git pull --prune'
alias gpu='git push'
alias gc='git commit -v'
alias gco='git checkout'
alias gg='git log --graph --pretty=format:"%Cred%h%Creset -%C(yellow)%d%Creset %s %Cgreen(%cr) %C(bold blue)<%an>%Creset" --all --decorate --abbrev-commit --date=relative'
alias gwc='git whatchanged'
alias gl='git log --name-status'
alias git-last-commited-files="git diff-tree -r HEAD@{0}"
alias gdamb='git branch --merged | egrep -v "(^\*|master)" | xargs git branch -d'
alias RS='systemctl --user restart synergys.service'
alias restart-samba='sudo systemctl restart smbd.service;sudo systemctl restart nmbd.service'
alias record='ffmpeg -f alsa -ac 2 -i plughw:0,0 -f x11grab -r 30 -s 1920x1080 -i :0.0 -vcodec libx264 -preset ultrafast -threads 5 ~/Downloads/record_screencast.mkv'
alias record-muted='ffmpeg -f x11grab -r 30 -s 1920x1080 -i :0.0 -vcodec libx264 -preset ultrafast -threads 5 ~/Downloads/record_screencast.mkv'
if [[ "$(uname)" == "Linux" ]]; then
vim() STTY=-ixon command vim "$@"
alias ls='ls --group-directories-first --color=auto'
alias pbcopy='xsel --clipboard --input'
alias pbpaste='xsel --clipboard --output'
alias rD='echo -e "Restarting Docker" && sudo systemctl restart docker.service && systemctl status docker.service'
alias rH='echo -e "Restarting Apache" && sudo systemctl restart httpd.service && systemctl status httpd.service'
alias kH='echo -e "Killing Apache" && sudo systemctl stop httpd.service && systemctl status httpd.service'
alias sH='echo -e "Starting Apache" && sudo systemctl start httpd.service && systemctl status httpd.service'
alias rM='echo -e "Restarting MySQL" && sudo systemctl restart mariadb.service && systemctl status mariadb.service'
if [[ "$(uname)" == "Darwin" ]]; then
export PATH="/usr/local/bin/:/usr/local/mysql/bin:/usr/local/php5/bin:$PATH"
alias updatedb='sudo /usr/libexec/locate.updatedb'
alias rH='echo -e "Restarting Apache" && sudo apachectl restart'
alias rM='echo -e "Restarting MySQL" \
&& sudo launchctl unload -F /Library/LaunchDaemons/ \
&& sudo launchctl load -F /Library/LaunchDaemons/'
if [ -f $HOME/LS_COLORS ]; then
eval $( dircolors -b $HOME/LS_COLORS )
# zsh is able to auto-do some kungfoo
# depends on the SUFFIX :)
if is-at-least 4.2.0; then
# open browser on urls
_browser_fts=(htm html de org net com at cx nl se dk dk php)
for ft in $_browser_fts ; do alias -s $ft=$BROWSER ; done
_editor_fts=(cpp cxx cc c hh h inl asc txt TXT tex)
for ft in $_editor_fts ; do alias -s $ft=$EDITOR ; done
_image_fts=(jpg jpeg png gif mng tiff tif xpm)
for ft in $_image_fts ; do alias -s $ft=$XIVIEWER; done
_media_fts=(ape avi flv mkv mov mp3 mpeg mpg ogg ogm rm wav webm)
for ft in $_media_fts ; do alias -s $ft=mplayer ; done
#read documents
alias -s pdf=mupdf
#list whats inside packed file
alias -s zip='unzip -l'
alias -s rar='unrar l'
alias -s tar='tar tf'
alias -s tar.gz='echo '
alias -s ace='unace l'
zstyle -e ':completion:*:(ssh|scp|sftp|rsh|rsync):hosts' hosts 'reply=(${=${${(f)"$(cat {/etc/ssh_,~/.ssh/config,~/.ssh/known_}hosts(|2)(N) /dev/null)"}%%[# ]*}//,/ })'
transfer() {
if [ $# -eq 0 ]; then echo -e "No arguments specified. Usage:\necho transfer /tmp/\ncat /tmp/ | transfer"; return 1; fi
tmpfile=$( mktemp -t transferXXX );
if tty -s;
then basefile=$(basename "$1" | sed -e 's/[^a-zA-Z0-9._-]/-/g'); curl --progress-bar --upload-file "$1" "$basefile" >> $tmpfile;
else curl --progress-bar --upload-file "-" "$1" >> $tmpfile ;
cat $tmpfile;
echo -e "\n";
rm -f $tmpfile;
accept-line() {: "${BUFFER:="ls -lah"}"; zle ".$WIDGET"}
zle -N accept-line
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