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Channel flow

Turbulent channel flow


Oasis is i high-level/high-performance Open Source Navier-Stokes solver written in Python. The solver has been found to scale well weakly up to 256 CPUs on the Abel supercomputer at the University of Oslo. The scaling test was using the P2P1 version of the NSfracStep solver with IPCS_ABCN.

Weak scaling

Weak scaling on the Abel supercomputer. Timings are sampled every 10'th time step. The figure shows both the best result (over 10 time steps), the worst, and the standard deviation of the timings.


Oasis is developed by

  • Mikael Mortensen
  • Kristian Valen-Sendstad
  • Joakim Bø


Oasis is licensed under the GNU GPL, version 3 or (at your option) any later version.

Oasis is Copyright (2013-2016) by the authors.


See wiki or User Manual

If you wish to use Oasis for journal publications, please cite the following paper.

Oasis is specifically designed with complex biomedical flows in mind. One example using Oasis for cerebrospinal fluid flow is featured here.

The implementation and verification of an LES model is featured here


Oasis requires a compatible installation of FEniCS, see the releases. Oasis is installed with regular distutils

  • python install --prefix='Path to where you want Oasis installed. Must be on PYTHONPATH'


The latest version of this software can be obtained from

Please report bugs and other issues through the issue tracker at: