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Korp API for Python

Library for Python to use Korp API. This library provides an easy way to query Korp systems for language corpora.


sudo pip install korp


You can initialise Korp with either service_name (språkbanken, kielipankki or GT) or url to your Korp’s API interface such as .

An example for getting all concordances for North Sami corpora in Giellatekno Korp for query [pos=”A”] “go” [pos=”N”].

from korp.korp import Korp
korppi = Korp(service_name="GT") #uses Giellatekno
corpora = korppi.list_corpora("SME") #lists corpora returns the ones starting with the North Sami language code
number_of_results, concordances = korppi.all_concordances('[pos="A"] "go" [pos="N"]', corpora)

More information

See the Wiki for a complete description or my blog for a real life Korp example.


If you use this grateful in an academic publication, I would be ever so greatful if you cited it as follows:

Mika Hämäläinen. (2018, January 9). Python Korp Library (Version v1). Zenodo.



Apache License 2.0 (C) 2017 Mika Hämäläinen