Strong authentication with Yubikey using Yubico OTP
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Yubikey OTP Login

Strong login with Yubikey using Yubico OTP. Get your Yubikey from Yubico

Configure Yubico Client

Figure: Yubico API key registration

  • Sign in to portal as admin
  • Navigate to Control Panel -> Configuration -> System Settings -> Other -> Yubico Client
  • Enter client id and key. WSAPI urls are optional

Figure: Yubico Client Settings

Now the Yubico Client is configured and available for use.

Enable Yubikey authentication

  • Sign in to portal as admin
  • Navigate to Control Panel -> Configuration -> Instance Settings -> Authentication -> Yubikey
  • Check enabled and click Save

Figure: Yubikey Authentication

Register a key with account

  • Sign in
  • Navigate to My Account -> Yubikey
  • Click Add Key
  • Enter a name for the key
  • Generate a new OTP
  • Click Add to register the key

Figure: Yubikey registration

Login using Yubikey

If you have successfully enabled Yubikey authentication and registered your Yubikey with an account you can use it to login to that account.

Figure: Sign in with Yubikey enabled

Press the OTP generation button on your Yubikey.

Figure: Yubikey OTP login