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Notes to read after installation of Monitorix 2.6+ in NetBSD systems
Please take some time adjusting the options in the monitorix.conf file.
See the monitorix.conf(5) man page for a detailed help of each configuration
This is the list of things that still need attention:
IP filter not supported yet, hence some network activity graphs won't work.
File usage in 'VFS usage' graph doesn't work.
[PROC] - Per processor kernel usage graph is not available because the
command 'sysctl kern.cp_time2' doesn't work yet.
[PORT] - Network port activity not supported yet.
[TRAFFACCT] - Network activity is not supported yet. Help is needed!
[SERV] - Some services may not work.
[HPTEMP] - Temperatures may not work because of the lack of HP support.
[NFSS] - NFS server is not supported yet.
[NFSC] - NFS client is not supported yet.
[INT] - Device interrupt activity not supported yet.