graphing AirRecorder output of "show ap arm rf-summary"
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graphing AirRecorder output of "show ap arm rf-summary"

This will graph the output of an IAP rf-summary command, using air-recorder to obtain the raw data. launch air-recorder with the following air-recorder command: java -jar AirRecorder-1.2.16-release.jar --instant --protocol ssh -u -t 20 -m -c commands.txt <ap_ip_address> with only the following in commands.txt file in same directory: 125,show ap arm rf-summary

Each column in the output represents 5 seconds (for total of 2 minutes) The command is run every 125 seconds to avoid duplicate data. The longer you let air-recorder run, the more data will be graphed. Since I'm averaging 2-minute intervals, this may mask "spikes" and is aimed at analyzing rf-summary output over long periods of time.

The only python dependency is matplotlib.

Linux: sudo apt-get install python-matplotlib

OSX: pip, macports etc.

Windows: untested