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Please understand any use of these directly in competition can get you disqualified. These are simply examples for the sake of open sourcing and because I may bring them to college.
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A collection of cyber security scripts.

CPVII Scripts Please note there's conflicting rules about scripts. I'm not liable if you read the rulebook, make any assertions on your own, use them and get disqualified based on a different interpretation of the rules. The rule is potentially going to clarified/rewritten by the next competition period anyway so it's a non-argument.

Main Script: Turns off User Account Control, Turns off Remote Desktop Connections at multiple levels, Turns on Automatic Updating, Cleans DNS cache, Cleans HOSTS file, Turns off Remote Registry, Telephony, Remote Access, Turns off Guest User, Turns off Administrator if you aren't admin, Deletes any one-word shares, Turns off any questionable firewall rules, Turns off just about all Windows Features (IIS, TFTP, Telnet Client/Server, FTP), Sets power configuration to require pw and stuff, Edits 11 Common Policies, Turns on Windows Smart Screen, Allows you to view hidden and protected OS files in Explorer, Disables Dump file Creation and Autorun, Disables Internet exlporer Password Caching, Sets password policy, Deletes system tasks, Sets Sticky Keys vulnerability for when you forget your password, Enables auditing 100%, Verifies system file integrity, etc

In the future this will be used in CCDC potentially.

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