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Mike is a customizable Discord bot with a lot of plugins:

  • Logs
  • Music
  • Economy
  • Leveling
  • Starboard
  • Moderation
  • Suggestions
  • Chat Filters
  • Custom Commands
  • Welcome/Leave Messages
  • Image Generation
  • Twitch, Reddit Notifications


If you want to contribute to Mike, join support server.




Discord Bot List


Thanks goes to these wonderful people :



Rami Sabbagh

πŸ’» πŸ› βœ…

πŸ’» πŸ›

Mike uses

and many more...


It is not recommended to self-host Mike due to the fact that a lot 3rd party APIs and programs are being used. It simply would be too difficult.

But if you still want to do that, here's the instructions for hosting Mike locally:

1. Setting up the repository:
  1. Clone the repository into a local directory.
  2. Open a command prompt inside the repositroy directory.
  3. Execute npm install
2. Setting up RethinkDB:
  1. Create rethinkdb directory in the cloned repository.
  2. Download rethinkdb from
  3. Extract the downloaded .zip file, and copy rethinkdb.exe into the directory created earlier in step 1.
  4. Run rethinkdb.exe either from a command prompt or by double clicking it.
  5. Open in your favourite web browser.
  6. Inside, the test database (or one specified in the configuration), click + Add Table to add 2 new tables: guilds and users.
  7. Close rethinkdb, or keep it running for starting Mike later.
  1. Create rethinkdb directory in the cloned repository.
  2. Install rethinkdb by following instructions at
  3. Open a terminal in the rethinkdb directory created earlier, and execute rethinkdb
  4. Open in your favourite web browser.
  5. Inside, the test database (or one specified in the configuration), click + Add Table to add 2 new tables: guilds and users.
  6. Terminate rethinkdb, or keep it running for starting Mike later.
3. Setting up Lavalink:
  1. Make sure you have java jre installed in your system.
  2. Download Lavalink.jar from and place it into the the cloned repository folder.
  3. Create application.yml in the same folder of Lavalink.jar
  4. Use this template for application.yml
  5. Make sure to set the address into if hosting locally.
  6. Change password into something different, and write down for usage later in the setup instructions.
  7. Change the logging path from ./logs/ into somewhere outside the cloned repository folder.
  8. Run Lavalink with java -jar Lavalink.jar for starting Mike later.
4. Create mike's missing configuration files:

Those configuration files contain secrets and passwords, and so they are .gitignored by default, make sure to not post those secrets into the public!

  1. Browse into files directory inside the cloned repository folder.
  2. Create databases.json with this data:
    "main": {},
    "beta": {}
  1. Create dashboards.json with this data: (Replace YOUR_DISCORD_BOT_SECRET with the your bot's secret from Discord Developer Dashboard)
    "beta": {
        "https": false,
        "domain": "",
        "secret": "YOUR_DISCORD_BOT_SECRET"

    "use": [
  1. Create roles.json with this data: (Replace YOUR_DISCORD_USER_ID with your discord user id, which you can figure out by enabling Developer Mode then rightclicking yourself and pressing Copy ID)
  "contributors":["214858075650260992","324622488644616195", "364056796932997121"]
  1. Create lavalink.json with this data: (Replace YOUR_LAVALINK PASSWORD with the password you've entered into application.yml)
    "host": "",
    "port": "2333",
    "password": "YOUR_LAVALINK_PASSWORD"
5. Gathering Required API tokens:

Create tokens.json in the files directory (in the cloned repository folder) and fill it with this template data:

    "spotifyID": "SPOTIFY_ID",
    "spotifySecret": "SPOTIFY_SECRET",

    "badosz": "BADOSZ_API_TOKEN",
    "genius": "GENIUS_API_TOKEN",
    "twitch": "TWITCH_API_TOKEN",
    "fortnite": "FORTNITE_API_TOKEN",
    "osu": "OSU_API_TOKEN"
Discord Bot Token:
  1. Open the Discord Developer Dashboard.
  2. Press New Application.
  3. On the left panel, press the Bot tab.
  4. On the right, press the Add Bot button.
  5. Press the Copy button.
  6. Replace DISCORD_TOKEN_FOR_MIKE_BETA in tokens.json with the copied token.
  7. Back into the website, in the left panel, press the OAuth2 tab.
  8. Scroll down, and check the bot box, then the Adminstrator box.
  9. Copy the generated url, and use it for inviting the bot into your discord server.
  10. Also send the url to Badosz#0001, and kindly ask him to add the created bot into the Mikemojis server (Required for mike emojies to work).
Spotify Client Token:
  1. Open the Spotify Developer Dashboard.
  2. Login (Create an account if you don't have one).
  3. Press Create a client ID.
  4. Fill in the information.
  5. Once the creation is done, copy the displayed client ID, and replace SPOTIFY_ID in tokens.json with it.
  6. Press Show client secret, and copy it, then replace SPOTIFY_SECRET in tokens.json with it.
6. Start the local bot:
  1. Open a command prompt in the cloned repository directory.
  2. Execute node mike.js beta
  3. Enjoy!
7. Adding Extra Tokens:

Used to power the images commands!

  1. Join
  2. Ask Badosz kindly for an API key.
  3. Replace BADOSZ_API_TOKEN with the provided API key.

Used for fetching music's lyrics!

  1. Open the Genius Developer Dashboard.
  2. Press Create an API client.
  3. Login or register.
  4. Fill in the information.
  5. Press Generate access token
  6. Copy the access token, and replace GENIUS_API_TOKEN with it.
  1. Open the Twitch Developer Console.
  2. Login or Register.
  3. Enable 2FA on your account, that's required for managing applications.
  4. Back into the Twitch Developer Console, Press the Applications tab.
  5. Press Register Your Application button.
  6. Fill in the information.
  7. Press manage on the created application.
  8. Copy the Client ID, and replace TWITCH_API_TOKEN with it.
Fortnite API (Not the game):
  1. Open
  2. Sign in or Register.

For some reason the contributer can't register into the website at the time of writing this section and so the instructions can't be continued :(

  1. Open
  2. Login or Register.

The contributer writing those instructions didn't want to install the OSU! client to continue his registration, so it's open for someone else to continue writing this section.

For a local hosted development bot, you don't want to register it into, and those instructions are for local hosting only, so the token won't be included.

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