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2011-11-07 Mike Burns <>
* presenter.rb, presenter_spec.rb: Define the model_name per-instance
instead of per-class. Suggestion by Peter Suschlik.
2011-11-07 Peter Suschlik
* presenter.rb, presenter_spec.rb: Define the field accessors per-instance
instead of per-class.
2011-10-20 Mike Burns <>
* presenter.rb, presenter_spec.rc: Don't name the struct so that we can
avoid redefining a constant.
2011-09-21 Mike Burns <>
* ChangeLog, NEWS: Retroactively update the docs based on git history.
Link to the raw NEWS, ChangeLog, and Ruby docs at the top of the docs.
Mention the raw license in the contact section.
Demand that pull requests update the ChangeLog and NEWS.
Mention the GNU ChangeLog format.
2011-09-21 Matt Gillooly <>
* Fix the 'tutorial' misspelling.
2011-09-21 Dan Croak <>
* The validator class is passed, not an instance.
2011-09-20 Mike Burns <>
* presenter.rb, presenter_spec.rb:
Include the Enumerable module to the Presenter class, with a test.
* NEWS, ChangeLog:
Add an overview NEWS file and a more detailed ChangeLog file.
* version.rb: Bump version to 0.0.2.
2011-09-10 Mike Burns <>
* presenter.rb (model_name):
Use a struct as the model namer for ActiveModel::Name.
* Add a quick start guide.
* presenter.rb (model_name, persisted?):
Explain why these exist but are undocumented.
(with_params, each):
Be more explicit in the documentation about how to use these and what the
classes are.
(instance_validations): Make this protected.