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# -*- encoding: utf-8 -*-
$:.push File.expand_path("../lib", __FILE__)
require "method_missing/version" do |s| = "method_missing"
s.version = MethodMissing::VERSION
s.authors = ["Mike Burns"] = [""]
s.homepage = ""
s.license = 'BSD'
s.summary = %q{Compose, sequence, and repeat Ruby methods.}
s.description = %q{
The methods on methods that you've been missing.
This gem adds the #* #/ and #^ methods so you can compose, sequence, and
repeat methods.
By composing methods you can express that one method calls another more
By sequencing methods you can express that a series of methods have the
same argument more succinctly.
By repeating a method you can compose it with itself as needed, to build
upon itself.
s.rubyforge_project = "method_missing"
s.files = `git ls-files`.split("\n")
s.test_files = `git ls-files -- {test,spec,features}/*`.split("\n")
s.executables = `git ls-files -- bin/*`.split("\n").map{ |f| File.basename(f) }
s.require_paths = ["lib"]