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-This is Suspenders, the thoughtbot rails template. To create a new project,
-checkout this repository and run:
+This is Suspenders, the thoughtbot rails template.
+To create a new project, first checkout the repository:
+ git clone git://
+Change into the new 'suspenders' directory and run:
./script/create_project projectname
@@ -10,7 +15,12 @@ repo.
When making a change to a project that was created via this template, consider
whether it's a change that should be made across all projects. If so, then
-make the change in this template, and pull it into your project via:
+make the change in suspenders instead of your project. Note: If you don't
+have commit access to suspenders, create a github ticket and we'll review your
+Once that's committed, you can pull into your project to get all the changes
+that have been made in suspenders since your last pull:
git pull suspenders master

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