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Trajectory tools and Haskell API

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Tools and a library.


% inittj
% inittj --profile thoughtbot-support

% findstory
% findstory --idea "Spam is out of control"
% findstory --next
% findstory --unstarted
% findstory --unestimated
% findstory --unstarted --next --unassigned --incomplete
% findstory --within-milestone "Fully Backboned"
% findstory --profile thoughtbot-support --project "Trajectory"
% findstory --completed
% findidea
% lsmilestone
% lsmilestone --unstarted --next

% mkstory "As a user I want to always be signed in so I don't have to care"
% mkstory "As an admin I want to delete comments so I can remove spam" --idea "Spam is out of control"
% mkstory "As a visitor I am not able to see private messages so I can maintain security" -m -a screenshot.png --top
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