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Create AD Scan Folder for Domain User, remove Disabled user folder.ps1
Create DDD-website and Printers shortcut (Pre-AD).ps1
Create Deletion Script (Task Scheduler).ps1
Create New ADUser - Prompt.ps1
Create whatsmyhostname text on pub desktop.ps1
DNS Check - Check Hostnames equal DC Hostnames.ps1
Delete CCleaner folders on all Domain computers.ps1
Domain Computes online, offline, and total count.ps1
Enable PS Remoting.ps1
Get Dell BIOS password status (install).ps1
Get Domain Computers Online and Offline, total count.ps1
Get Domain Status (Run on RMM - Domain, and Non-Domain).ps1
Get Downloads and Pictures directory.ps1
Get Hotfix on Domain Computers, query MS KB .ps1
Get Last Reboot Time.ps1
Get PSVersion lt or gt v5-1.ps1
Get Today Date Hyphenated (ie 2018-01-31).ps1
Get and Remove Downloads Folders .ps1
Get-Item, Remove-Item (Full Domain).ps1
Install All Domain-shared Printers on workstation (Pre-AD).ps1
Ping Google Indefinitely (Creates log).ps1
Proxmox - Install VirtIO Inf drivers from D drive.ps1
Remove Group, Add Group.ps1
Scan Domain Computers for KB list (problematic KBs).ps1
Set Domain Computer to Serial Number (avoids Servers).ps1
Test-Connection - Ping Log File.ps1
Test-NetConnection, email when 2x failures (Complete Revamp to include CC).ps1
Test-NetConnection, email when 2x failures.ps1
Uninstall Extra Office Products.ps1
WebEx vunerbility v1 (Check Only).ps1
WebEx vunerbility v2 (Check AND Remove).ps1
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