A polyfill to understand your users' preferred languages
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A polyfill to understand your users' preferred languages

Locale is a small back end app that will return a sorted list of the user's preferred languages based on the Accept-Language header.

It's written in Rust and should therefore be very fast! You can view the website which provides examples and how to use it at locale.now.sh.


If you find a bug or would like to add a feature, I welcome all pull requests!

As this is written in Rust, you'll need to have Rust installed. I recommend using rustup since it's pretty great! Additionally, since this is using Rocket, you'll need to be using Rust nightly.

# install nightly if you don't already have it
rustup toolchain install nightly

# use nightly for this folder explicitly (won't affect any other rust projects)
rustup override set nightly

Once you have nightly downloaded and set via rustup, install the cargo dependencies and run the development version.

# update/install dependencies
cargo update

# run the project
cargo run

If you're working on the HTML page, it's helpful to have the server restart when you make changes. I recommend using watchexec to handle this.

# install watchexec
cargo install watchexec

# run watchexec and have it restart the server on changes
watchexec --exts hbs --restart "cargo run"

Finally, this project uses the awesome rustfmt crate for automatic formatting of rust files. To install it, use Cargo. If you don't want it in your IDE, you can run it from the command line.

# install rustfmt
cargo install rustfmt

# format the rust file
rustfmt src/main.rs

Code of Conduct

License (MIT)