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A tool to parse Windows resource files (.rc)
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This project implements a tool to parse Windows .rc files and converts them to xml files. Parsing .rc files is very much like parsing C/C++ header files. As such this tool might be interesting for people who have the need to parse such header files. The tools comes with:

  • Handling for unlimited nesting of include files
  • Trigraph handling and line splicing in the input reader
  • Complete macro handling, including charizing and stringizing
  • An evaluator for #if, #ifdef and #ifndef conditional expressions
  • Support for some specialities used by (former) Borland Compilers

Compiling the Grammars

  • Order is important: first expression parser then parser then lexer
  • Copy token vocabulary from expression package (folder) to main package (folder)
  • Adjust fixed token type constants (e.g. RCParserTokenTypes.LITERAL_auto3state, which is actually used in pure numerical form).


  • \n must be an ignored character or another ignored character must be used on return when starting to read a new include file and pushing the old state to create a new one.

Command line:

-include="<your include path>" -symbol="RC_INVOKED" -symbol="_WIN32" -symbol="UNICODE" -symbol="APSTUDIO_INVOKED" -symbol="_WIN32_WINNT 0x0400" -symbol="_WIN32_IE 0x0600" -symbol="_MSC_VER 0x1300" -symbol="_INTEGRAL_MAX_BITS 32"

VM arguments:


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