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Go code projects that I'm implementing so that I can learn Go. I'm focusing mostly on algorithms. You may find them useful. In the library you will find: - An implementation of a B-tree indexed container The B-tree is a simple container implementation with the fllowing methods

Create(order int) (Btree *)
  Return a B-tree container with nodes that hold order values (must be an even number)
(Btree *) Insert(index uint64, interface{}) 
  Insert a value with the specified index
(Btree *) Delete(index uint64)
  Delete the value with the specified index
(Btree *) Fetch(index uint64) (interface{})
  Fetch the value with the specified index. Returns nil if the index was not present
(Btree *) Iterate() (chan uint64) 
  Returns a channel that sources all of the indexes in the B-tree