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This repository has the code and parameters used for the ADEM model in:

Towards an Automatic Turing Test: Learning to Evaluate Dialogue Responses
Ryan Lowe, Michael Noseworthy, Iulian V. Serban, Nicolas Angelard-Gontier, Yoshua Bengio, and Joelle Pineau

Due to the ethics policy for this project, we cannot release the collected human data at this time. However, we do provide the weights/parameters for a trained model and the code to train ADEM with new data.

ADEM uses the VHRED model. A modified version of the code is included in this repo. The original repo and paper can be found at:

You will need to download the weights for the pretrained VHRED model before running the code. Once downloaded from the following link, place all the files in the ./vhred folder.

An example of running ADEM can be found in
THEANO_FLAGS='device=gpu0,floatX=float32' python