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Material Design (via Materialize) for Ember.js Apps
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An ember-cli addon for using Materialize (CSS Framework based on Material Design) in Ember applications.

Ember 2.0 Friendly

Materialize Version ~0.97.0


Which version do I use?

Ember.js version ember-cli-materialize version
< 1.10.0 Not supported
1.10.0 <= x < 1.11.0 v0.16.4
1.11.0 <= x < 1.13.0 v0.18.6
x >= 1.13.0 npm version

Main features

  • Imports Materialize sass (via ember-cli-sass) and fonts into your app.
  • It's a components library for all Materialize components


The online demo demonstrates all components with all possible options.

Or you can download the demo:

$ sudo npm install -g ember-cli
$ git clone
$ cd ember-cli-materialize
# install dependencies
$ npm install && bower install
# fire up local server
$ ember serve



Using SASS makes configuring the color scheme simple. Just make sure you import components/color and components/variables before materialize like the example below.

// Example app.scss
@import 'components/color';

// Custom color settings go here
$primary-color: color("pink", "lighten-2");

@import 'components/variables';
@import 'materialize';
@import 'ember-cli-materialize';

See the materialize docs on sass variables here.


Some of the library's defaults can be set via your config/environment.js file

module.exports = function(/* environment, appConfig */) {
  var ENV = {
    materializeDefaults: {
      modalIsFooterFixed:  false,
      buttonIconPosition:  'left',
      loaderSize:          'big',
      loaderMode:          'indeterminate',
      modalContainerId:    'materialize-modal-root-element',
      dropdownInDuration:  300,
      dropdownOutDuration: 300


$ ember install ember-cli-materialize


If you are using PhantomJS version 1.9.x as a test runner then after installing this addon you may experience test failures when running tests via ember test that you do not see in a browser.

This is due to the known limitation in PhantomJS 1.9 not providing a .bind method. To continue using PhantomJS simply either install ember-cli-es5-shim, which provides a .bind method, or try PhantomJS 2.x.


This addon is continuiously integrated against the following framework versions

Version Failures Allowed
Ember ~1.10.0 No
Ember ~1.11.0 No
Ember ~1.12.0 No
components/ember#release No
components/ember#beta No
components/ember#canary No



Special Thanks

Special thanks to Stefan Gasser for creating and originally maintaining this great library


ember-cli-materialize is released under the MIT License. See the bundled LICENSE file for details.


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