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Object Oriented CSS Framework
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My changes from

Created a sass branch to allow complete oocss .css code to be imported into a rails 3.1 app using sass. By renaming .css files to .css.scss and changing the @import statements, sass will process the @imports server side and produce a single .css file as a result. With the previous file naming, all the @import statements are processed client side, resulting in many http requests.

To use in Rails 3.1

git clone git://
cd oocss
git checkout sass
mkdir YOUR_RAILS_APP_NAME/app/assets/stylesheets/oocss
cp -pr . YOUR_RAILS_APP_NAME/app/assets/stylesheets/oocss
rm -rf YOUR_RAILS_APP_NAME/app/assets/stylesheets/oocss/.git

Add to YOUR_RAILS_APP_NAME/app/assets/stylesheets/application.css:

 *= require oocss/all

Original below

To Do

  • Split module skins

Filestructure Conventions


\-yourplugin/ {plugin-root}  
+-yourplugin.css {essential CSS}  
+-yourplugin_debug.css {CSS for debugging} 
+-yourplugin_doc.html {Examples and Explanation}  
+-yourplugin_skins.css {all skins that only require pure css, others via @import}  
+-\ skins/ {skins that need more than pure CSS, eg. images}  
  +-\ photo/ {skin-root}  
  +-\ flow/ {skin-root}  
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