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use Storable;
use Digest::MD5 qw~md5_hex~;
use WWW::Mechanize;
$0 =~ s~.+/~~;
my $syntax = qq~
$0 (get|check) stub
Grab a wiki source file from, printing to STDOUT
* Get raw source for a page:
$0 get css/properties/opacity > opacity.txt
* Warn if page has changed on server since last 'get' command:
$0 check css/properties/opacity
Croaks on stubs for non-existent pages
Use Boris Smus's wpd utility to push source back to server:
wpd edit css/properties/opacity "`cat opacity.txt`" -u Yourlogin
More info:
my $store_file = q~.wpd_store~;
my $prefix = q~;
my $suffix = q~&action=edit~;
my ($stub, $command, $bot, $wiki_text, $digest, $store);
my $re_valid_commands = qr~^(get|check)$~;
@ARGV == 2 or die $syntax;
($command, $stub) = @ARGV;
die $syntax if ($command !~ m~$re_valid_commands~ );;
if (-s $store_file) {
$store = retrieve($store_file);
} else {
$store->{_} = 1;
store $store, $store_file;
$bot = WWW::Mechanize->new();
$bot->get( $prefix . $stub . $suffix );
die qq~Can't get file~ if (! $bot->success());
$wiki_text = $bot->content;
die qq~Not an existing page: $stub~ if ($wiki_text !~ m~<textarea~i);
$wiki_text =~ m~<textarea[^>]+?>(.+?)</textarea>~si and ($wiki_text = $1);
$wiki_text =~ s~&amp;~&~gi;
$wiki_text =~ s~&lt;~<~gi;
$digest = md5_hex($wiki_text);
print STDERR qq~$stub\n~;
if ($command eq q~get~) {
$store->{$stub} = $digest;
store $store, $store_file;
print $wiki_text;
} elsif ($command eq q~check~) {
die qq~PAGE HAS CHANGED: $stub~ if ($digest ne $store->{$stub});