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About Markdown Edit

Markdown Edit (MDE) is low distraction editor for Windows. MDE focuses on producing text documents that can be transformed into Web pages and documents. It places an emphasis on content and keyboard shortcuts. Don't let this dissuade you. Markdown Edit is a power-house of an editor. It does its job quietly and without fanfare.


You won't find the usual menus, buttons and status bars present in many editors. Instead, you're presented with a clean, straightforward editor. Many of the features to make headers and bold text are not necessary since Markdown text allows you to specify the formatting with simple, easy to remember markup. Without the distraction of fonts, formatting and layout, you're left to write your content. It feels restrictive at first, but soon you'll find yourself writing more words and producing better content. By divorcing yourself from, "how it looks", you focus on content.

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What it is

Markdown Edit is an editor. By focusing on this putting words to paper, (um, err pixels) it bypasses the need for deep menu hierarchies, ribbon bars and other navigation aids. It has many conveniences to help in writing those words but it always tries, first and foremost, to be an editor. Markdown Edit works in plain text, not rich text.

Writing for the web with Microsoft Word is like commuting to work in an 18-wheeler. – MakeUseOf.com

What it is not

Markdown Edit is not a word processor. It's intended for producing articles and small papers. Larger works such as books and novels can be written in MDE, but cross document tools for generating summary matter like tables of contents and indexes are not supported.