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6502 Assembly Plugin for IntelliJ

This is plugin for JetBrains IDE's, which provides basic support for 6502 assembly language. It is suitable for projects which use the ca65 assembler to target the WDC 6502, 65C816, and related microprocessors.

6502 Example in IntelliJ


  • Syntax highlighting
  • Go to the definition of a label, constant or import
  • Find usages
  • Refactor/rename a label and its usages
  • Comment/uncomment blocks of code
  • Code folding for scopes, procedures and macro definitions
  • Completion suggestions for mnemonics and labels
  • Warnings for undefined and unused symbols
  • Code formatting


This plugin may be installed via the JetBrains Marketplace.


This plugin is copyright 2021-2022 Michael Billington, and may be used, distributed and modified under the terms of the MIT license. See LICENSE for details.

The parser/lexer were built with reference to the ca65 assembler source code (zlib License), while the icons are derived from those bundled with JetBrains/intellij-community (Apache License).

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