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Things to keep, for the most part:

  • hook system
  • module extensibility
  • form API
  • drush style management
  • entity/field idea (anything and everything can be a first-class citizen, and reference each other)
  • user and access management

Things to improve:

  • everything use .php extension (no more webserver "blocking" having to happen)
  • file API
  • cron access
  • "Content Type" -> "Entity" management

Things to reduce:

  • decrease file i/o ** less includes ** less file scanning "magic" - heavy caching
  • build-in modules - slimmer micro-kernel

Things to remove:

  • all objects (especially when it is only attributes) ** bad: -> ** bad: ::
  • all OO
  • PDO - remove PDO, but keep the idea of generic data access


  • no PHP 5.3 specific code ** no namespaces ** no "short array" syntax
  • no OO code
  • whitelist of "allowed" PHP functions

Focus on the priorities and desires:

  • media/asset handling
  • mobile support ** including supporting themes w/ responsive design ** making publishing via mobile easier - web services and APIs can help
  • WYSIWYG editor ** many options; should limit options ** syntax highlighting is broken in many setups
  • better APIs
  • content import/export
  • native HTML5/CSS3
  • content staging
  • configuration management
  • usability
  • web services ** fix services to use CRUD properly, and not require PUT/DELETE
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