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(load "scheme-parser.scm")
(load "lower.scm")
(require-extension srfi-13)
(define literal-var-num 0)
(define local-var-num 0)
(define globals "")
(define global-init "")
(define global-def "")
(define initial-environment '((car "@car") (cdr "@cdr") (+ "@add")))
(define symbols '())
(define (next-local-var)
(set! local-var-num (+ local-var-num 1))
(string-append "%t." (number->string local-var-num)))
(define (next-literal-var)
(set! literal-var-num (+ literal-var-num 1))
(string-append "@L." (number->string literal-var-num)))
(define (add-global s)
(set! globals (string-append globals s "\n")))
(define (add-global-init s)
(set! global-init (string-append global-init s "\n")))
(define (add-global-def s)
(set! global-def (string-append global-def s "\n")))
(define (gen-global-init . params)
(add-global-init (apply format params)))
(define (gen-global-def . params)
(add-global-def (apply format params)))
(define (gen-global . params)
(add-global (apply format params)))
(define (gen . params)
(display (apply format params))
(define (gen-to-list instruction-list . params)
(instruction-list (string-append (apply format params))))
(define main-list
(lambda (s)
(display s)
(define global-list
(lambda (s)
(add-global s)))
(define global-init-list
(lambda (s)
(add-global-init s)))
(define (error i . params)
(i (string-append "ERROR: " (apply format params) "\n")))
(define (compile-number-literal e i)
(let ((var-name (next-literal-var)))
"~a = internal constant DATA {i8* inttoptr (i32 ~a to i8*), i8 T_INT}; ~a "
var-name e e)
(define (compile-symbol e i)
(let ((p (assoc e symbols)))
(if p
(let* ((var-name (cadr p)))
(let* ((var-name (next-literal-var))
(var-str (next-literal-var))
(str (symbol->string e))
(str-ptr-var (next-local-var))
(res-ptr-var (next-local-var))
(res-ptr-var-load (next-local-var))
(call-res-var (next-local-var))
(result-var (next-local-var))
(array-len (+ (string-length str) 1)))
(set! symbols (cons (list e var-name) symbols))
(gen-global-def "~a = internal constant DATA {i8* inttoptr (i32 0 to i8*), i8 T_SYMBOL}; ~a" var-name e)
(gen-global-def "~a = internal constant [~a x i8] c\"~a\\00\""
var-str array-len str)
(gen-global-init "; init ~a" e)
(gen-global-init "~A = getelementptr [~a x i8]* ~a, i64 0, i64 0"
str-ptr-var array-len var-str)
(gen-global-init "call void @init_symbol(i8* ~a, DATA* ~a)"
str-ptr-var var-name)
(define (compile-lambda e i env)
(let* ((formals (cadr e))
(body (caddr e))
(proc-name (next-literal-var))
(formals-definition (map (lambda (x) (format "DATA* %~a" x)) formals))
(add-env (map (lambda (x) (list x (format "%~a" x))) formals)))
(gen-global "define DATA* ~a(~a) {; ~a"
proc-name (string-join formals-definition ",") e)
(let ((ret (compile body global-list (append add-env env))))
(gen-global "ret DATA* ~a" ret)
(gen-global "}")
(let* ((var-data (next-literal-var))
(var-lambda (next-literal-var))
(args-type (map (lambda (x) (format "DATA*" x)) formals))
(function-type (format "DATA* (~a)*" (string-join args-type ", ")))
(function-cast (format "bitcast (~a ~a to i8*)"
function-type proc-name)))
(gen-global-def "~a = internal constant DATA {i8* bitcast (LAMBDA* ~a to i8*), i8 T_LAMBDA}; ~a"
var-data var-lambda e)
(gen-global-def "~a = internal constant LAMBDA {i32 ~a, i8* ~a}; ~a"
var-lambda (length formals) function-cast e)
(define (compile-call e i env)
(let* ((val (compile (car e) i env))
(args (map (lambda (e1) (compile e1 i env)) (cdr e)))
(map (lambda (s) (string-append "DATA* " s)) args))
(var (next-local-var))
(arglist (string-join args-with-types ", ")))
(gen-to-list i "~a = call DATA* @call~a(DATA* ~a, ~a)"
var (length args) val arglist)
(define (compile-pair-literal e i)
(let ((var-name (next-literal-var))
(h (compile-literal (car e) global-init-list))
(t (compile-literal (cdr e) global-init-list))
(cons-var (next-literal-var))
(data-addr-var (next-local-var))
(type-addr-var (next-local-var))
(casted-value-var (next-local-var))
(car-addr-var (next-local-var))
(cdr-addr-var (next-local-var)))
(gen-global-def "~a = internal constant DATA {i8* bitcast (CONS* ~a to i8*), i8 T_CONS}; ~a"
var-name cons-var e)
(gen-global-def "~a = internal constant CONS {DATA* ~a, DATA* ~a}" cons-var h t)
(define (compile-literal e i)
((number? e) (compile-number-literal e i))
((pair? e) (compile-pair-literal e i))
((symbol? e) (compile-symbol e i))
((null? e) "inttoptr(i64 0 to DATA*)")
(i e)
(i "\n"))))
(define (compile-define e i env)
(error i "can't compile define: ~a" e))
(define (gen-sizeof type i)
(let ((sz (next-local-var))
(szi (next-local-var)))
(gen-to-list i "; sizeof ~a" type)
(gen-to-list i "~a = getelementptr ~a* null, i32 1" sz type)
(gen-to-list i "~a = ptrtoint ~a* ~a to i32" szi type sz)
;; compiles let definitions
;; returns new environment
(define (compile-let-defs defs i env)
(let loop ((d defs))
(if (null? d)
(let* ((def (car d))
(def-name (car def))
(var (next-local-var))
(val (compile (cadr def) i env))
(val-addr (next-local-var))
(var-addr (next-local-var))
(data-sizeof (gen-sizeof "DATA" i)))
(gen-to-list i "; init ~a" def-name)
(gen-to-list i "~a = malloc DATA" var)
(gen-to-list i "~a = bitcast DATA* ~a to i8*" val-addr val)
(gen-to-list i "~a = bitcast DATA* ~a to i8*" var-addr var)
(gen-to-list i "call void @llvm.memcpy.i32(i8* ~a, i8* ~a, i32 ~a, i32 0)"
var-addr val-addr data-sizeof)
(cons (list def-name var) (loop (cdr d)))))))
(define (compile-let e i env)
(let* ((defs (cadr e))
(body (cddr e))
(new-env (compile-let-defs defs i env)))
(compile-list body i new-env)))
(define (compile e i env)
(gen-to-list i "; compile ~a in ~a" e env)
(let ((r (cond
((number? e) (compile-literal e main-list))
((pair? e)
((eq? 'quote (car e)) (compile-literal (cadr e) main-list))
((eq? 'let (car e)) (compile-let e main-list env))
((eq? 'lambda (car e)) (compile-lambda e main-list env))
(#t (compile-call e i env))))
(let ((binding (assoc e env)))
(if binding
(cadr binding)
(error i "can't compile ~a in env: ~a" e env)))))))
(define (compile-list exprs i env)
(let loop ((ee exprs))
(if (not (null? (cdr ee)))
(compile (car ee) i env)
(loop (cdr ee)))
(compile (car ee) i env))))
(define (output-header)
(display "#include \"runtime.ll.h\"\n")
(display "define void @scheme_main() {\n"))
(define (output-footer)
(display "ret void\n")
(display "}\n")
(display globals)
(display global-def)
(display "define void @scheme_init() {\n")
(display global-init)
(display "ret void\n}\n"))
(define (read-list)
(let loop ()
(let ((e (read)))
(if (not (eof-object? e))
(cons e (loop))
(define (read-and-compile)
(let* ((ee (read-list))
(lee (lower ee)))
(display (format "; ~a\n" lee))
(let ((r (compile-list lee main-list initial-environment)))
(display (format
"call %struct.Data* @display( %struct.Data* ~a ) \n"