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/* =============================================================================
FILE: UKKQueue.h
COPYRIGHT: (c) 2003 M. Uli Kusterer, all rights reserved.
AUTHORS: M. Uli Kusterer - UK
2008-11-07 UK Removed deprecated stuff, more comments.
2008-11-05 UK General cleanup, prettier thread handling.
2006-03-13 UK Clarified license, streamlined UKFileWatcher stuff,
Changed notifications to be useful and turned off by
default some deprecated stuff.
2003-12-21 UK Created.
========================================================================== */
// -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
// Headers:
// -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
#import <Foundation/Foundation.h>
#include <sys/types.h>
#include <sys/event.h>
#import "UKFileWatcher.h"
// -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
// Constants:
// -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
// Flags for notifyingAbout:
#define UKKQueueNotifyAboutRename NOTE_RENAME // Item was renamed.
#define UKKQueueNotifyAboutWrite NOTE_WRITE // Item contents changed (also folder contents changed).
#define UKKQueueNotifyAboutDelete NOTE_DELETE // item was removed.
#define UKKQueueNotifyAboutAttributeChange NOTE_ATTRIB // Item attributes changed.
#define UKKQueueNotifyAboutSizeIncrease NOTE_EXTEND // Item size increased.
#define UKKQueueNotifyAboutLinkCountChanged NOTE_LINK // Item's link count changed.
#define UKKQueueNotifyAboutAccessRevocation NOTE_REVOKE // Access to item was revoked.
#define UKKQueueNotifyDefault (UKKQueueNotifyAboutRename | UKKQueueNotifyAboutWrite \
| UKKQueueNotifyAboutDelete | UKKQueueNotifyAboutAttributeChange \
| UKKQueueNotifyAboutSizeIncrease | UKKQueueNotifyAboutLinkCountChanged \
| UKKQueueNotifyAboutAccessRevocation)
// -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
// UKKQueue:
// -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
@interface UKKQueue : NSObject <UKFileWatcher>
NSMutableDictionary* watchedFiles; // List of NSStrings containing the paths we're watching. These match up with watchedFDs, as a dictionary that may have duplicate keys.
id delegate; // Gets messages about changes instead of notification center, if specified.
BOOL alwaysNotify; // Send notifications with us as the object even when we have a delegate.
+(id) sharedFileWatcher; // Returns a singleton, a shared kqueue object. Handy if you're subscribing to the notifications. Use this, or just create separate objects using alloc/init. Whatever floats your boat.
-(NSInteger) queueFD; // I know you unix geeks want this...
-(BOOL) alwaysNotify;
-(void) setAlwaysNotify: (BOOL)state;
// High-level file watching:
-(void) addPath: (NSString*)path; // UKFileWatcher protocol, preferred.
-(void) addPath: (NSString*)path notifyingAbout: (u_int)fflags;
-(void) removePath: (NSString*)path; // UKFileWatcher protocol.
-(void) removeAllPaths; // UKFileWatcher protocol.
// For alloc/inited instances, you can specify a delegate instead of subscribing for notifications:
-(void) setDelegate: (id)newDelegate; // UKFileWatcher protocol.
-(id) delegate; // UKFileWatcher protocol.
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