Experimental replacement for simple regex-like searches.
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Easy Match


Library for doing for simple text searches similar to REGEX but with simpler syntax. To maximize performance, a JIT compiler turns matching commands into assembly for x86_64, x86, and ARM (tested on Raspberry Pi with both Linux and Windows 10 IoT). Easy Match will use syntax such as the following:

(starts_with('asdf') or starts_with('1111')) and ends_with('7890')

Search Keywords are:

  • starts_with()
  • ends_with()
  • match_at()
  • equals()
  • contains()

Other keywords:

  • and
  • or
  • not

Using a library is as simple as:

match_t match;

match = compiler_generate("starts_with('asdf') or ends_with('1111')");

if (match("asdf blah") == 1) { printf("Matches\n"); }

Current speed comparison examples when running against the entire src/generate_x86_64.c file on the x86_64 platform where the JIT is also turned on for PCRE:

[ starts_with('int ') ^int ]

  • Easy Match count=11 msec=0.026282
  • Easy Match (len) count=11 msec=0.026197
  • PCRE count=11 msec=0.122402
  • strncmp() count=11 msec=0.029939

[ ends_with(');') );$ ]

  • Easy Match count=124 msec=0.064317
  • Easy Match (len) count=124 msec=0.014167
  • PCRE count=124 msec=0.202526
  • strncmp() count=124 msec=0.075861

[ starts_with('int ') or ends_with(');') ^int|);$ ]

  • Easy Match count=135 msec=0.053906
  • Easy Match (len) count=135 msec=0.015211
  • PCRE count=135 msec=0.305322

[ contains('int') int ]

  • Easy Match count=57 msec=0.123988
  • Easy Match (len) count=57 msec=0.059791
  • PCRE count=57 msec=0.146438
  • strstr() count=57 msec=0.087332

[ equals(' return 0;') ^ return 0;$ ]

  • Easy Match count=16 msec=0.025463
  • Easy Match (len) count=16 msec=0.024647
  • PCRE count=16 msec=0.098309
  • strcmp() count=16 msec=0.021507

[ equals(' return 0') ^ return 0$ ]

  • Easy Match count=0 msec=0.025164
  • Easy Match (len) count=0 msec=0.024221
  • PCRE count=0 msec=0.096943
  • strcmp() count=0 msec=0.029123