Headless browser testing for tap with coverage reporting.
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Headless browser testing for tap with coverage reporting.

Cappadonna merges several tools together for integrated testing.


const path = require('path')
const cappadonna = require('cappadonna')
const test = cappadonna(path.join(__dirname, 'bundle-entry-point.js'))

test('basic test', async (page, t) => {
  /* we get a new webpage object with our bundle loaded for every test */
  let str = '<test-element>pass</test-element>'
  /* append string to document.body and wait for the selector to succeed */
  await page.appendAndWait(str, 'test-element')
  /* execute the given function in the browser */
  await page.evaluate(() => {
    t.same('pass', document.querySelector('test-element').textContent)
$ tap tests/test-*.js --coverage

When coverage is enabled all code, including what gets bundled and sent to the browser, will be instrumented and included in coverage.

The test function and t variable are part of tap and document here.

The page object is part of puppeteer and documented here.

page.appendAndWait(htmlString, selector)

Appends the htmlString to the page's body and waits for the selector to return true.