TCP server and deployment system that flips from one deployment to another.
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package.json readme and tests. Jul 15, 2013


TCP server and deployment system that flips from one deployment to another.

// server.js
var flipover = require('../')
  , childport = require('childport')

function run (deploy, cb) {
  function finish (e) {
    cb(e, p)
  var p = childport.cp(deploy.port, finish).spawn('node', [__dirname+'/child.js'])

function test (deploy, cb) {
  request('http://localhost:'+deploy.port+'/test', function (e, resp, body) {
    if (e) return cb(e)
    if (resp.statusCode !== 200) return cb(new Error('statusCode is not 200', resp.statusCode))

flipover(run, test).listen(8080, 7171)
var http = require('http')
  , childport = require('childport')

childport.listen(http.createServer(function (req, resp) {
  resp.statusCode = 200


Port to listen on. Callbacks for new deployments must not be resolved until the server is listening on this port.

flipover(function (deploy, cb) {}, [function test (deploy, cb) {}])

Returns a flipover server.

Requires a function for you to write your deployment code. This function takes two arguments: a Deploy instance and a callback which takes two arguments: error and an instance of child_process.ChildProcess which will be monitored and killed if need be.

Optionally you can also pass a test function which is used to validate the server is working and test it periodically.

FlipOver.listen(serverPort, adminPort, cb)