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File - Common higher level file and path operations


  npm install file


file.walk(start, callback)

Navigates a file tree, calling callback for each directory, passing in (null, dirPath, dirs, files).

file.walkSync(start, callback)

Like file.walk but synchronous.

file.mkdirs(path, callback)

Makes all the directories in a path. (analgous to mkdir -P) For example given a path like "test/this/path" in an empty directory, mkdirs would make the directories "test", "this" and "path".


Like file.mkdirs but synchronous.


Expands ".", "..", "~" and non root paths to their full absolute path. Relative paths default to being children of the current working directory.

file.path.relpath(root, fullPath)

Given a root path, and a fullPath attempts to diff between the two to give us an acurate path relative to root.

file.path.join(head, tail)

Just like path.join but haves a little more sanely when give a head equal to "". file.path.join("", "tail") returns "tail", path.join("", "tail") returns "/tail"