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PouchDB - The Javascript Database that Syncs

Welcome, so you are thinking about contributing to PouchDB? awesome, this is a great place to start.

Guide to Contributions

  • Almost all Pull Requests for features or bug fixes will need tests
  • Looking for something to work on? look for bugs marked goodfirstbug
  • We follow Felix's Node.js Style Guide
  • Almost all Pull Requests for features or bug fixes will need tests (seriously, its really important)
  • Before opening a pull request run $ grunt test to lint test the changes and run node tests. Preferably run the browser tests as well.
  • Commit messages should follow the following style:
(#99) - A brief one line description < 50 chars

Followed by further explanation if needed, this should be wrapped at
around 72 characters. Most commits should reference an existing


PouchDB needs the following to be able to build and test your build, if you havent installed them then best to do do so now, we will wait.

Building PouchDB

All dependancies installed? great, now building PouchDB itself is a breeze:

$ cd pouchdb
$ npm install -g grunt-cli
$ npm install
$ grunt

You will now have various distributions of PouchDB in your dist folder, congratulations.

Running PouchDB Tests

The PouchDB test suite expects an instance of CouchDB running on and it will need to be in Admin Party.

Node Tests

Run all tests with:

$ grunt node-qunit

Run single test file test.basics.js with:

$ grunt node-qunit --test=basics

Browser Tests

$ grunt browser
# Now visit in your browser
# add ?testFiles=test.basics.js to run single test file

Git Essentials

Workflows can vary, but here is a very simple workflow for contributing a bug fix:

$ git clone
$ git remote add pouchdb

$ git checkout -b 121-issue-keyword master
# Write tests + code
$ git add src/afile.js
$ git commit -m "(#121) - A brief description of what I changed"
$ git push origin 121-issue-keyword


If you have any questions, please feel free to ask on the PouchDB Mailing List or in #pouchdb on