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Wrong handling of %40 in username or password #36

shimaore opened this Issue June 10, 2011 · 1 comment

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Stéphane Alnet
Stéphane Alnet

URIs which contain %40 in the username or password will cause problems:

good_uri1 = 'http://username:password@'
good_uri2 = 'http://username:password@'
bad_uri1 = ''
bad_uri2 = ''

For bad_uri1 request will contact host "username" with URI /
For bad_uri2 request will contact host "username" with URI /

Tested with request 1.9.6 from github.

Stéphane Alnet

Looking at the request code this must be a node URL parsing issue. Confirmed by upgrading Node (from 0.4.7) and the problem is gone.

Stéphane Alnet shimaore closed this June 10, 2011
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