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BackgroundTimer BackgroundTimer: remove all code, replace with a readme file pointing… Aug 9, 2011
BlockFptr BF: minor cleanups Feb 11, 2010
CPUFlash CPUFlash: initial checkin Oct 15, 2009
ChemicalBurn remove ChemicalBurn code, replace with pointer to GitHub Aug 13, 2011
DefGrowl DefGrowl: initial checkin Aug 31, 2007
DiagonalSlider DiagonalSlider: method rearrangement and section labeling Apr 22, 2010
GCDWeb GCDWeb: switch listing to use directory enumerator Dec 10, 2009
GPULife GPULife: bump to 1.0.1 Aug 25, 2009
GlideBook GlideBook: added filter window Feb 9, 2009
LEDer LEDer: added license, fixed up various little license-related things Jan 1, 2009
MAFuture MAFuture: remove all code, replace with readme pointing at GitHub Aug 9, 2011
MAGenerator MAGenerator: remove all code, replace with readme pointing at GitHub Aug 9, 2011
MAKVONotificationCenter MAKVONotificationCenter: remove all code, replace with readme pointin… Aug 9, 2011
NetMap NetMap: initial commit Aug 28, 2009
OpenCLFreqCount OpenCLFreqCount: add license for SMUGOpenCL Apr 2, 2010
PLBlocksPlayground PLBlocksPlayground: removed incorrect copyright lines Aug 11, 2009
PhoneWebApp PWA: remove stray <html> tag Dec 3, 2009
Seams Seams: added missing CIImageExtensions Aug 30, 2007
ZeroingWeakRef ZeroingWeakRef: turns out that HTML isn't given the proper MIME type,… Aug 9, 2011
aviationweather Seams: initial checkin Aug 26, 2007
blockobj blockobj: String cstring method now returns const char * Oct 16, 2009
pyunitcalc pyunitcalc: now supports conversion and addition of reciprocal units Feb 10, 2008