BORG 1.8.3

@mikeberger mikeberger released this Aug 27, 2017 · 4 commits to master since this release

Release 1.8.3 contains some CALDAV related changes and other bug fixes. This release includes a windows executable program launcher - borg.exe that plays better with the windows installer and removes some possible problems that can occur when launching a Java jar file in windows. 3pp software versions have been brought up to date as well.

The maven build now uses the IzPack and Launch4j plugins, so the build will now create the full installer and windows launchers without the need to install IzPack and Launch4j.

1.8.2 Bug Fix

@mikeberger mikeberger released this Jan 11, 2016 · 25 commits to master since this release

This release contains a bug fix (#64) to fix a problem where the todo list and search windows would stop refreshing after they are closed and reopened

Borg 1.8.2

@mikeberger mikeberger released this Nov 22, 2015 · 28 commits to master since this release

BORG 1.8.2 contains improvements to the CalDav sync functionality, which continues to be the one area where the program is still active. Release 1.8.2 also contains a few other small enhancements and a large number of miscellaneous bug fixes - driven largely by college students testing Borg as part of Software Engineering classes.

Borg 1.8.2 dev snapshot

@mikeberger mikeberger released this Mar 14, 2015 · 53 commits to master since this release

This version contains a number of bug fixes - especially for caldav. However, this version upgrades the database by adding a new field, so if this version is run, the database will no longer be compatible with version 1.8.1. Therefore, do a full XML export before installing.

This release package contains the custom ical4j-connector- needed to build from source.

Borg 1.8.1

@mikeberger mikeberger released this Jan 17, 2015 · 83 commits to master since this release

Many Caldav-sync improvements including support for owncloud
Add new repeat option - Monthly Day (Last)
Many minor bug fixes

This release provides support for Java 8.
This release requires Java 7 or higher.

Borg 1.8.1 Beta 3

@mikeberger mikeberger released this Jan 12, 2015 · 85 commits to master since this release

The reason for this release is the switch to Launch4j for the windows installer, in order to work with Java 8
The prior installers has issues
Some minor bug fixes

1.8.1 snapshot beta 2

@mikeberger mikeberger released this Nov 3, 2014 · 102 commits to master since this release

add repeat by last weekday of month. caldav bugfix.

1.8.1 beta snapshot 1

@mikeberger mikeberger released this Sep 22, 2014 · 107 commits to master since this release

1.8.1 beta release. Mostly caldav enhancements/fixes. Switch to Java 1.7