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#yycflood 2013 River Data Plots
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Alberta Bow River Basin: Flow, Reservoir Storage & Water Level Data (#yycflood)


This R analysis pulls river flow and height data from Alberta Environment, and generates a plot for both the Bow & Elbow rivers showing flow-rate trends and normalized water levels (relative to pre-flood levels). It also pulls reservoir water level and storage volumes from dam controlled reservoirs / lakes.

River Flow, Water Level, and Reservoir Storage Plots

River Flows and Water Level yycflood

Note: Real-time data is subject to revision. (I have no idea as to how accurate this data is, but thought it might be interesting given the current situation!)

Example of Glenmore Reservoir Flow:

I've also put together a quick example of Glenmore Reservoir flow with some gross assumptions, but I was trying to get an appreciation of what happens when there is significant upstream precipitation / snow melt. View the example here

Data Sources:

Alberta Environment:

Environment Canada (Wateroffice):

TransAlta Reservoir Info:

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