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  • pull in examples from
  • look for more TODOs

  • incorperate normal assembler syntax

  • move font.png into some resource directory and make sure includes it

  • how do deal with short labels? It may not be all that important to deal with, as it only really benifits jumps to the first 0x1f words of code.

  • optimize

    • easly binding Cython everywhere
  • be able to have negative labels and offsets, in addition to multiple labels set A, two - one

    • negative offsets are taken %2^16
  • start utils module

    • hex stream normalizer
    • comment stripping normalizer
    • value parsing?
  • alloc.asm has a bug: unallocated blocks of length 0 encode to 0, which flags the start of fresh heap. Headers should track the length to the next header (what it does now, but +1).

    • free should assume it was given the first word
    • xfree does not
  • assembler directives: .macro name -> .mend .fill count value .zero count

  • entrypoints

    • all equal SECTIONS get assembled next to each other .SECTION startup_function
    • or a way to have a location in memory be a null terminated list of start of section addresses startup_functions: DAT start_*, 0 (pattern matching labels)
  • assembly for debugging PRX (print hex) addr, num PRC (print chars) addr, num PRS (print string), addr PRD (print decimal) BRK kill the emulator; could just be a DAT 0

    put these all the end of the reserved special opcode space

  • cycle costs

  • fix compiling for linux

  • runner should support multiple CPUs networked together

  • GUI in TK, WX, or QT

    • manually edit memory
    • manually edit registers
    • single step
    • PC highlighting in memory
  • start a BASIC-like compiler

  • start a C-like compiler

  • .define CONSTANT value

    • predefined VIDEO, KEYBOARD, RADIO (eventually)
  • split into EmulatorApp and CPUWindow so that we may have multiple CPUS running at the same time

  • force textmate icon

  • make tool to conform syntax to other established convensions

    • expand all macros and constants
  • crypto

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