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Python wrapper around LibTomCrypt
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docs Tweak tomcrypt.__version__ for Python 3
examples Convert test_cipher to UnitTest style.
scripts `make deploy-docs` to GitHub Pages
src Allow any readable buffer as a source of bytes
test_vectors Using proper test vectors.
tests Allow any readable buffer as a source of bytes
tomcrypt Expose version as tomcrypt.__version__
vendor Patch tomcrypt_mac.h
.gitignore Expose version as tomcrypt.__version__
.gitmodules Use submodules for libtomcrypt and libtommath
.travis.yml Remove Python 2.6 as a testing target
AUTHORS.txt Add dvanduzer to AUTHORS.txt Release as v0.10.1
LICENSE Preparing meta-data for new version.
Makefile utils.xor_bytes and utils.bytes_equal Remove Travis badge for "develop"; not used Proof of concept that we can use bytes or buffers Drop "kseed" due to failing test vectors.
requirements.txt Explicit version of MarkupSafe for Travis Release as v0.10.1


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This package is a Python 2/3 wrapper around LibTomCrypt. The API is designed to be conceptually similar to LibTomCrypt, but to be as "Pythonic" as possible.

Read the Docs, and good luck!

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