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The easiest drag-and-drop file uploading field for Laravel Nova.


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File Upload Field for Laravel Nova

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File Upload Field for Laravel Nova

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This is an MIT-licensed open source project with its ongoing development made possible by the support of the community. If you'd like to support this, and our other packages, please consider becoming a backer or sponsor on Patreon.

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I needed a file upload field for a few of my projects, with the versatile functionality that worked across all modern browsers in various use-cases. Safari has issues with drag-dropping URLs (it converts them to webloc files), different browsers have different little quircks in how they behave (Safari triggers change on input fields when they are updated programatically, Chrome does not in the case of changing files on a file input field).


The following features set this form field appart from others:

  • drag-and-drop of URLs
  • drag-and-drop of links that point to files
  • drag-and-drop of web files (any web element with a src attribute that points to a file)
  • drag-and-dop of system files
  • image previews
  • any uploadable items (files, URLs, links) are available in the request as an UploadedFile object in Laravel's Request object


composer require genealabs/nova-file-upload-field


Add it as a field in your Nova resource, for example:

<?php namespace App\Nova;

use GeneaLabs\NovaFileUploadField\FileUpload;
use Laravel\Nova\Fields\ID;
use Laravel\Nova\Fields\Text;
use Laravel\Nova\Fields\Textarea;

class Image extends Resource
    public static $model = 'App\Image';
    public static $title = 'title';
    public static $search = [

    public function fields(Request $request)
        return [
            Text::make("Title", "title")
                ->rules("required", "max:255"),
            FileUpload::make("Image", "path")
                ->thumbnail(function ($image) {
                    return $image
                        ? asset($image)
                        : '';

Commitment to Quality

During package development I try as best as possible to embrace good design and development practices, to help ensure that this package is as good as it can be. My checklist for package development includes:

  • ✅ Achieve as close to 100% code coverage as possible using unit tests.
  • ✅ Eliminate any issues identified by SensioLabs Insight and Scrutinizer.
  • ✅ Be fully PSR1, PSR2, and PSR4 compliant.
  • ✅ Include comprehensive documentation in
  • ✅ Provide an up-to-date which adheres to the format outlined at
  • ✅ Have no PHPMD or PHPCS warnings throughout all code.


Please observe and respect all aspects of the included Code of Conduct

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