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[Transient] not supported and writeonly accessor exception #112

darronschall opened this Issue Jul 28, 2010 · 2 comments

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Originally filed by on 2009-08-15T11:55:15

The [Transient] metadata tag help to identifies a property that should be
omitted for serialization process and currently is not handled.

And there is a exception when the object have read only accessor.

I changed the source to handle those situations.

What steps will reproduce the problem?
public class A
public var x:Number = 1234;

public var y:Number = 567788;

public function get b():Number{
return x + y;

public function set z(z:Number):void{

  1. JSON.encode( new A )

What is the expected output?

What do you see instead?


Updated by darron.schall on 2009-08-15T16:50:11

What version were you using? This should've been fixed as of r92.

Original ticket set status to Duplicate (we converted to closed)


Updated by darron.schall on 2009-08-15T17:06:16

The [Transient] part was already working, but there was an exception being thrown for illegal read on write-only
properties when encoding custom classes. That has been fixed in r96.

Thanks for helping to make the library better. :-)

This issue was closed.
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