Course demos and handout material for Talk Python's MongoDB Quickstart course
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MongoDB Quickstart with Python course

Course materials for Talk Python's free MongoDB course.

Learn the most popular NoSQL / document database: MongoDB. In just 2 hours, you'll be up and running with MongoDB and Python.

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Course outline

  • Why choose NoSQL and MongoDB?
  • Modeling data in a document-database
  • mongoengine ODM: Map classes to MongoDB
  • Course wrap-up

You have a free and paid course?

Wondering how this compares to our full, commercial MongoDB for Python for Developers course? This course is a brief introduction and 2.0 hours long. The full MongoDB course covers much more, in greater depth and is 7 hours of content.

Think of this course as the appetizer to prepare you for the main course. That said, the demo materials and majority of the content is unique to this course.