Settings should be stored in gconf #4

cwillu opened this Issue Feb 17, 2010 · 3 comments

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Currently, settings are stored in a python file; this makes it impossible to adjust them without restarting gedit, as the module is cached (and therefore not re-read). It would be preferable if they were stored in a gconf key and reread each time they're used, as this would allow a user to adjust them using gconf-editor without needing to restart gedit.

I'm not sure if gedit provides an easier hook. There's a plugin settings button that's greyed out; whatever's responsible for that may be easier to hook into, and would be ideal.


Can you give me an idea of the settings you'd like the ability to adjust on the fly? I agree that a settings box is definitely needed, just not sure what all needs to go on it.


Profile definitely, and preferably also lang, locale, charset, and any other variables used in snippets. Note that it's not appropriate to pull those from the user's environment except perhaps as a changeable default.

It would also be useful if the snippets themselves were stored externally as a json (simplejson module) file, allowing the user to add/change/delete entries without requiring a gedit restart. You could do this by 'reload(...)'ing the module, but reload isn't recommended.


Have to put this on hold for awhile.

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