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These are the slides for a presentation I give called Is your research software correct?. It grew from the ideas in my blog post at

The latest version of the presentation can be viewed by going to

Want me to give this talk at your institution?

I'm happy to travel to your instituion to give a version of this talk. All I ask for is travel expenses and the opportunity to talk to scientists and/or software/hardware geeks about Research Software Engineering before or afterwards. Please contact me to discuss this.

Reusing these slides

I'm happy for others to make use of these slides but would like to keep track of who's doing so for score-keeping purposes. If you've linked to the material or made use of it in your own presentation, please give me some details by making a Pull Request to the file

Previous events

Previous events where I've given this talk:

The presentation uses Reveal.js and the source is available on the gh-pages branch of this repository.