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Alces fight customisation

This is the github repo behind the blog post at

What do these scripts do?

The customisation scripts in this github repo do the following


  • Creates 35 training accounts with random passwords and puts details in /home/walkingrandomly/users.txt
  • Allows SSH log in with passwords


  • Installs some packages.


  • Used while debugging. Currently only says 'I ran' in the logfile at /var/log/clusterware/instance.log

Using the scripts with Alces flight

Details on the blog post but the short version is that you need to upload this repo to an S3 bucket.

git clone
cd alces_flight_customisation

Now you need to upload these to an s3 bucket. I called mine walkingrandomly-aws-cluster

aws s3api create-bucket --bucket walkingrandomly-aws-cluster --region eu-west-2 --create-bucket-configuration LocationConstraint=eu-west-2
aws s3 sync . s3://walkingrandomly-aws-cluster --delete