An extension for Google Chrome that lets you manage your Harvest timers
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Hayfever for Harvest

A Google Chrome plugin for managing Harvest timers

Copyright © 2010, Mike Green ( AT gmail DOT com)

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Hayfever is a plugin for Google Chrome that lets you manage your Harvest timers and timesheets.

Hayfever currently duplicates the feature set of the Harvest desktop widget, but I've got plans to extend its functionality far beyond that.

Stuff Hayfever Can Do

Hayfever can currently:

  • Authenticate w/ Harvest time tracking API
  • Display a badge with total hours worked today
  • Display a list of existing timers
  • Start and stop existing timers
  • Create new timers
  • Edit and update existing timers

Installation Instructions

Hayfever is available for download on the Chrome Web Store, for the low low price of $0. That's the preferred method for getting Hayfever, since you'll automatically get all future updates as soon as they're released.

Get Hayfever from the Chrome Web Store

The Hacker Method

If you're REALLY the DIY type, you can clone this repo and install it ninja-style. You'll need to run a few commands to compile CSS, CoffeeScript, and package the extension as a zip file. You must have CoffeeScript and Bower installed and in your PATH.

# Install CoffeeScript and Bower if necessary:
$ npm install -g coffee-script bower

# Install dependencies and compile CSS + CoffeeScripts:
$ bundle install
$ bower install
$ thor project:build

# There's also a thor task for packaging the extension as a zip file inside the pkg/ folder:
$ thor project:zip_release

From there you can install the extension by enabling developer mode in chrome://extensions and loadng the build directory as an unpacked extension.


Hayfever Hours Badge Hayfever Hours Badge: Red Hayfever Hours Badge: Blue Hayfever Hours Badge (omg colorz!)

Hayfever Popup Timesheet Hayfever Popup Timesheet

Usage Statistics

Hayfever gathers usage statistics via Google Analytics, but only if you decide to let it. Right now I do not do any event tracking, so the only data I get is how many people use the plugin and how often.

Analytics are turned off by default because I believe it should be a matter of choice.


This extension is released according to the terms of the GNU General Public License, version 2. See LICENSE for details.