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Hoboken: Urban Renewal

Based On: Hoboken by Jeff Chupp
Forked and Spooned by: Mike Green mike.is.green@gmail.com


Hoboken: Urban Renewal is my attempt to customize Hoboken wiki to fit my needs, much like the yuppies did with the real Hoboken, NJ in the late 1990’s. Hoboken itself is a really awesome, very simple wiki by Jeff Chupp. This fork has added functionality that includes:

  • file upload interface
  • drag-n-drop embedding of links & images in articles
  • MarkItUp wikitext editor
  • templates in ERB instead of Haml (just my personal preference)
  • user authentication (incomplete)
  • support for tagging, thanks to dm-tags (incomplete)

Required Gems

  • dm-core
  • dm-more
    • dm-is-versioned
    • dm-timestamps
    • dm-aggregates
    • dm-tags
    • dm-validations
  • haml
  • sinatra
  • wikitext

dm-is-versioned, dm-aggregates, dm-tags and dm-timestamps are part of dm-more. You’ll need at least 0.9.7. You also need a dm compatible database adapter (sqlite3, mysql, etc).

You can install wikitext from http://github.com/stephenjudkins/ruby-wikitext/tree/master.

How To

First copy (or rename) config.yml.template to config.yml in the app root. If you want to use something besides the default datamapper connection string specified in the config you can change it as you wish. You should then run

$ rake migrate:all

To create the database and your username and password. Now you’re ready to run Sinatra’s development server:

$ ruby wiki.rb

then visit: or visit to start creating a page named “Whatever”.

Standard WikiText applies as per the wikitext gem. Versioning is active, though complex diffs on versions aren’t yet available and merging is still rudimentary.

When rendering a wiki page, items that exist in the database as other pages will be automatically linked to.

If you don’t want just anybody to be able to register for a username and password (recommended), then comment out the signup action in routes/auth.rb. With that action disabled, the only way to create a new user is to use the included Rake task like so:

$ rake user:new

and follow the prompts for the user’s email address and password.


if you get complaints along the lines of

Gem::Exception: can’t activate data_objects (= 0.9.7, runtime), already activated data_objects-0.9.9

then you should specify a version of data\objects (in wiki.rb underneath “require ‘sinatra’”) like so

gem ’data
objects’, ‘0.9.7’


  • diffs on versions