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Premailer README

What is this?

For the best HTML e-mail delivery results, CSS should be inline. This is a huge pain and a simple newsletter becomes un-managable very quickly. This script is my solution.

  • CSS styles are converted to inline style attributes Checks style and link[rel=stylesheet] tags and preserves existing inline attributes

  • Relative paths are converted to absolute paths Checks links in href, src and CSS url('')

  • CSS properties are checked against e-mail client capabilities Based on the Email Standards Project's guides

  • A plain text version is created Optional


Download the Premailer gem from GemCutter.

gem sources -a
sudo gem install premailer


premailer ='', :warn_level => Premailer::Warnings::SAFE)

# Write the HTML output
fout ="output.html", "w")
fout.puts premailer.to_inline_css

# Write the plain-text output
fout ="ouput.txt", "w")
fout.puts premailer.to_plain_text

# Output any CSS warnings
premailer.warnings.each do |w|
  puts "#{w[:message]} (#{w[:level]}) may not render properly in #{w[:clients]}"


Contributions are most welcome. Premailer was rotting away in a private SVN repository for too long and could use some TLC. Pull and patch to your heart's content.

A few areas that are particularly in need of love:

  • Testing suite There were unit tests but they were so funky that it was better to just strip them out.

  • Test running Premailer on local files

  • Create a binary file for easing command line use, allowing the output to be piped in *nix systems

  • Ruby 1.9 testing

  • Test with Rails

  • Move un-repeated background images defined in CSS to <td background=""> for Outlook

  • Correctly parse

Credits and code

Premailer is written in Ruby.

The web interface can be found at .

The source code can be found at .

Written by Alex Dunae (, e-mail 'code' at the same domain), 2008-2009.

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