NO LONGER MAINTAINED - A basic YouTube client library powered by the GData gem and Hpricot


This library is no longer maintained!

I built this library as glue code between a Rails application and the GData gem, but now it is hopelessly out of date. I cannot provide support, so please do not ask me for any.

Here are some links you may find helpful (don't say uncle Mikey never did nothin' for ya):

GData Gem Documentation

GData Gem README File


RubyTube is a simple library built to interact with YouTube through ActiveRecord-like methods (like find, count, all, etc).

It's far from polished, and not all its methods are AR-like. It does provide a relatively simple interface for uploading videos to YouTube and retrieving info on the videos you've uploaded.

Yet another gem I don't expect anyone to actually use - I just built it because I needed basic YouTube functionality for a Rails app I'm working on.


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