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Changes in 0.4
Changes in 0.3
* (@taboca) test/demo cleanup
* (@lloyd) nested iframes in web content no longer have a that points into application code (issue #84)
* (@deadprogrammer) fixes to child_process library (issue #95)
* (@lloyd) correct xulrunner download url and checksums for 32bit linux (issue #92)
* (@lloyd) allow either 'menubars' or 'menubar' in appinfo.json to achieve code and documentation harmony.
* (@lloyd) 'simple-storage' and 'session-storage' removed. just use window.localStorage and/or IndexedDB (issue #79)
* (@taboca) Community require not defined (issue #96)
* (@taboca) Event listeners broken on iframe (issue #98)
* (@taboca) updated ./gallery/ereader-transcoder version
* (@taboca) fixed (issue #43)
* (@lloyd) moved all javascript modules under modules/ with a simplified hierarchy. (partial - issue #82)
* (@lloyd) the window parameter to fullscreen functions is now optional, default is current active application window.
* (@lloyd) the `module_dirs` property in `appinfo.json` lets you specify custom modules to bundle with an app
* (@lloyd) the `jsctypes` example demonstrates how you can include native code with apps
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