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Is there a reason for not using npm? #24

respectTheCode opened this Issue Nov 26, 2011 · 5 comments

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Is there a reason for not using npm for dependencies? Do you gain something from using submodules instead?

fire commented Dec 3, 2011

As a developer, I don't want to install npm.


npm is part of node as of v0.6. Sorry you have no choice now.


+1 for npm

As a developer, I don't want to use Git. I usually use hggit to talk to Github, but submodules are not supported.

(I'm not trying to start a Git/Hg flamewar here; I'm just more comfortable in Hg.)


Depending on the version of npm you can put the ssh path or the tar path in your package.json file.

This project needs a lot of work before its useful as a node module though. You have almost no control because of the way things are structured. Its a direct port of a PHP library. I am working on a fork (pull request #23) that solves this but it is not finished yet.


jsDAV now uses NPM for all its dependencies.

@mikedeboer mikedeboer closed this Jul 23, 2012
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