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Fix bug of PROPFIND #91

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when request an empty folder with depth 0, it isn't supposed to be responded with any children.


Alright, this actually seems reasonable to me :) Thanks and apologies for it taking so long for me to respond!

@mikedeboer mikedeboer merged commit 7f826b7 into mikedeboer:master

@johnsonlee, with this change, requests such as :

PROPFIND /public/calendars/me/my-calendar/
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<propfind xmlns="DAV:">
           <CS:getctag xmlns:CS=""/>

do not return the parent (Calendar ~ Collection) element properties. Was this the behaviour you were looking for ? This breaks compatibility with some caldav clients.


@aenario so it's prolly better to back this change out for now?


I think so, full revert is in #99 but i guess the correct way to go is somewhere in between that solve @johnsonlee situation without breaking others

@dkm dkm referenced this pull request in bitfireAT/davdroid

Problem syncing with Cozy #260

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Commits on Nov 26, 2013
  1. @johnsonlee

    Fix bug of PROPFIND, when request an empty folder with depth 0, it is…

    johnsonlee authored
    …n't supposed to be responded with any children
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  1. +2 −2 lib/DAV/handler.js
4 lib/DAV/handler.js
@@ -1721,8 +1721,6 @@ jsDAV_Handler.STATUS_MAP = {
var nodes = {};
var nodesPath = [];
- nodes[path] = parentNode;
- nodesPath.push(path);
//if (jsDAV.debugMode)
// console.log("getPropertiesForPath", depth, parentNode,parentNode.hasFeature(jsDAV_iCollection));
@@ -1738,6 +1736,8 @@ jsDAV_Handler.STATUS_MAP = {
else {
+ nodes[path] = parentNode;
+ nodesPath.push(path);
afterGetChildren(nodes, nodesPath);
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