My take on an efficient implementation of a Trie in Javascript
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My take on an efficient implementation of a Trie in Javascript

Short story

A Trie is a kind of digital search tree. (See [Knuth1972] for more details on digital search trees.)

[Fredkin1960] introduced the trie terminology, which is abbreviated from "Retrieval".

[Knuth1972] Knuth, D. E. The Art of Computer Programming Vol. 3, Sorting and Searching. Addison-Wesley. 1972.

[Fredkin1960] Fredkin, E. Trie Memory. Communication of the ACM. Vol. 3:9 (Sep 1960). pp. 490-499.


The trie implementation of Dennis Byrne served as a starting point and inspiration.

For more information, please take a look at the Wikipedia article


Please take a look at the file


which pretty much explains the things you can do with Trie.js in code. The test.html file uses a pure JS dataset of 44.830 records, which you can find in


More information and full documentation of the API can be found in


Amsterdam, 2010. Mike de Boer.